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 Mini-Blogs On Twitter

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PostSubject: Mini-Blogs On Twitter   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:26 am

I'm sitting in the studio somewhere in the south of Germany and working on new stuff. Are you ready to play? -Strify 1:28 AM Jan 17th from web

Yeah, finally back in Berlin! -Strify 8:23 AM Jan 17th from mobile web

I really really hope to have time and money when I'm in LA & NY. I want to go shopping! Is anybody with me? ... ♥ Lady GaGa? ♥ -Strify.... 12:05 PM Jan 17th from web

"Good morning starshine, the earth says: Hallo" does anyone know that quote? It's 10:30am in Berlin, heading for the studio again. -Strify. 4:32 AM Jan 18th from web

Goose bumps! The cover song we're doing is giving me the heebie-jeebies! SO beautiful! -Strify. 9:06 AM Jan 18th from mobile web

I'm checking out the new merchandise that will be available soon. -Strify. 7:31 PM Jan 18th from web

I don't wanna know how much time I'm wastin' with waiting for something... -Strify. 9:35 AM Jan 19th from mobile web

bonsoir, nice jammin at the rehearsalroom, lets rawk <3 - yu 3:41 PM Jan 19th from mobile web

I am wondering if you prefer merch shirts with photos of us or shirts without photos? -Strify. 7:03 PM Jan 19th from web

Yer~ Rom and me checkin out the Tattooman later, editin the sketch and makin a date -Yu 6:12 AM yesterday from web

I am grateful that the Universe received my positivity today. Karma, bitches! -Strify. 11:45 AM yesterday from mobile web

"I'm wired to the world / That's how I know everything / I'm super brain / That's how they made me" by Goldfrapp -Strify. about 22 hours ago from web

Good Night lovely People, the great Yu is goin to bed now Wink -yu about 19 hours ago from web

Shin and me ordered some great food. Sittin' in an Asian restaurant. Yummy! -Strify. about 7 hours ago from mobile web

OMG! Eric Burton just visited us two hours ago O_O -yu about 7 hours ago from web

I'm eatin' great vanilla pudding with chocolate sauce x3 -Kiro- 32 minutes ago from web

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Mini-Blogs On Twitter
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