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PostSubject: Message from Admin...   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:35 pm

Yeahj, I am back!

I feel like such a bad admin!
Yes, I AM as well..
Sorry people:S

I've decided to become a better one though;)

I feel like such a bad fan-girl too!
And yes, I AM as well:P

I haven't followed (one of) my favorite bands ups and downs for months..Yeah, talking about CB ofc<3<3:P
And I wonder what has happend to them lately?
All I know is that Luminor is now just a part of the CB-history.. Isn't he?
And what I just read it the Luminor-section, that Romeo is taking over, is that right?
And I've heard about their new album that'll be realased next year; TOYZ.
So please people, tell me all that is to know on the news-page!
Oh, maybe you have, I haven't checked yet.. Going to right after this.
This forum is at least alive still, and that is good! Smile
Hope it can get even "more alive".

I'll have to get at least one moderator..
Could need some help to make this forum better you see!

Let's start hanging here more often, everyone!
Let's make this forum better and more updated together!
You'll all have to help me:)

Kisses I love you tongue Razz

flower santa sunny affraid Sad Smile Very Happy Exclamation Question Question Exclamation Arrow clown tongue

BTW, this forum turned ONE year yesterday!!!!Very Happy:D
And I've posted waaay too few posts.. Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Message from Admin...   Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:42 pm

Yay, its good to have you back Very Happy
And yes I`l help you getting this forum bigger, I am working on it.. Cool
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Message from Admin...
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