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 Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review

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PostSubject: Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review   Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:47 pm

Here is review of Final Attraction from

Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review - November 2007
Artist: Cinema Bizarre

Album: Final Attraction

Year: 2007

Format: CD

Genre: [PowerPop/Glam Rock]

Overall Rating: 9

Music: 9

Track Listing

Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
How Does It Feel
Silent Scream
Get Off
Forever Or Never
Escape To The Stars
After The Rain
She Waits For Me
I Don’t Believe
The Way We Are
Dysfunctional Family
Angel In Disguise
The Silent Place
Cinema Bizarre/Lovesongs (They Kill Me) - Desktopplayer

With the release of their debut album on the label Island (Universal), the German Rock band CINEMA BIZARRE has proven to the public that they are a new act that is worth taking notice of. Due to the fact that they are from Germany, many individuals have compared Cinema Bizarre to the other up-and-coming German act “Tokio Hotel”. Albeit they each have a unique look that appeals to the youth but their music is entirely different. CINEMA BIZARRE is heavily inspired by the Japanese Rock/Pop movement that is currently popular at this time. It is evident that Japanese Manga and the Visual Kei fashion style has inspired Cinema Bizarre which is demonstrated by their dashing fashion sense and their unique stage names. “It’s about individuality, self-expression, rebellion. In Japan, for the youth a way to show that they are not suppressed. We accept many elements of the Visual Kei-Szene and merge them into a part of Cinema Bizarre, “says lead singer Strify and bassist Kiro adds:” Each one of us has for many years been fascinated by Visual Kei and it is a part of every become together as a band, we go one step further and make it something separate. “Have learned had Strify, Kiro, Shin, Yu and Luminor-all between 17 and 22 years old-at the” Animagic “, the well-known manga / anime Convention in the year 2005, where fans of Japanese comics and music from all over the country met. –Quoted from Cinema Bizarre website(via a web translation program). With a clever marketing plan the young and talented Cinema Bizarre has captivated the hearts of their new found fans with elegant promo campaigns that represent a different member of the band, this allowed fans to indulge in a 30 second clips of their favorite member of the band without providing tons of information about the band. The outstanding and extremely talented musicians of CINEMA BIZARRE include: Strify– lead vocals; Shin-drums; Yu-guitar; Luminor-Keyboard; Kiro -bass .

In the spring of 2007, Cinema Bizarre began their first recordings for their debut album. They had recorded their album in various locations ranging from: Berlin, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm. “It was very important to intensively cooperate with the producer and team to be fine-tuning the songs. It was a matter of us, to work with people who do not want to bend, but our vision and the specific nature of the band really understood, “Yu said Kiro and adds:” Each of us has his musical preferences and tastes. Whether rock, pop and New Wave, J-Rock (Japanese rock) and glam rock we merge individual elements of our sound. Everyone was intensely involved. “Her sound is unique, fits in any drawer, and has in the web forums already a name: I-Pop! “It is through us a new word, actually a kind of new genre, which we also perfectly describes the course makes us proud. But the most important for us is that people love the songs just like us! “. The songs on “Final Attraction” are excellently produced and definitely prove that CINEMA BIZARRE is not another teen heartthrob band. With their intense charisma and catchy songs they are destined to captivate their fans and reward you with entertaining music tracks. Whether or not you are a fan of CINEMA BIZARRE, there are several songs on this album that will cause you to love this cd.

Final Attraction has a way of pulling you into listening to the album over and over. If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the video for their debut single “Lovesongs (They Kill Me)” you may possibly find yourself researching the band looking for more tracks to check out. It is highly probable that after listening to this PowerPop/Glam album you will find yourself singing along with the songs and secretly enjoying the entire album. With song titles such as “She Waits For Me”, “Silent Scream”, and “Heavensent” you are exposed to their unique style. CINEMA BIZARRE’s current hit single “Lovesongs (They Kill Me)” is not your typical Power Pop ballad but after you listen to the lyrics over and over you understand their message. It also helps that the sensual voice of lead singer Strify keeps the listeners at the edge of their seats desperately hanging on to every word that is uttered out of his mouth. This album is exactly what many fans look for when it comes to excellent PowerPop/Glam Rock music that draws its inspiration from several elements ranging from the Japanese Rock (J-Rock) to New Waveand glam rock.

Would I recommend this cd to others? Yes! Why? CINEMA BIZARRE proves that with their debut album they have what it takes to captivate that hearts and respect of fans throughout the world. Currently it is quite hard to find information on this band in English but never fear we shall work our hardest to get more information on this band.

Related web pages: (all in German)

Video for “Lovesongs (They Kill Me)”
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review   Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:12 pm

Manga, j-rock, visual kei, Ani-Magic <33 Luurve it Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review   Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:56 pm

Ehm.. I'm probably a little bit after, but this album does'nt get sold in norway, does it? rabbit
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review   Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:17 am

I actually don't know. I haven't asked the stores yet. Maybe, because they're singing english, but I doubt it since I haven't seen it on a norwegian music channel, or some kind of commercial =/

If I'm going to town tomorrow, I'll ask ^^,
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review   

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Cinema Bizarre “Final Attraction” Album Review
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