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 Shin interview

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PostSubject: Shin interview   Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:50 pm

Here is another interview from
Again, sorry for the bad quality, but I use a translator program.

Load but leases here we have Shin, which to you, exactly how the other sweet bell-boys the volume Cinema has answered weird, some questions.

YLM: Which is your personal favorite song of the album?

Shin: Hinge in Disguise

YLM: When you have started to play musik, was it to be come there deliberately to the media?

Shin: Nevertheless, one tries to reach with his music so many people as possible and to touch. Why we should renounce then the media?

YLM: Since her ONLY by the looking of Anime series on your style come or you could be allowed to inspire yourselves, perhaps, also by J rock of tape or other scenes?

Shin: I could be inspired rather by J rock of tape there I look no Anime series or read Manga.

YLM: Your biggest wishes and fears?

Shin: My biggest fears are to me the drums kink go out and that the stage explodes.

And here a few questions of a very much engaged fan 

YLM: Is it right that you live more in the world on Playstationspielen (Final fantasy) as in the real world?

Shin: If we did this, we had to exist of numeric codes "10010010110001" and Japanese speak.

YLM: Want you also to do worldwide career?

Shin: Why we should not want to do worldwide career?

YLM: Do you also want to actors?

Shin: Strify well can to actors XD

YLM: Are you always so shy or is only one marketing idea?

Shin: I am not shy I talk mostly only a little if we have to act a lot.

YLM: Do you also have a wild side?

Shin: If you knew XD
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PostSubject: Re: Shin interview   Sat Dec 22, 2007 1:11 pm

Haha! x] Funny Very Happy
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Shin interview
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