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 Luminor interview

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PostSubject: Luminor interview   Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:39 pm

Here is another interview from
Again, sorry for the bad quality, but I juse a translator program.

We had the last days already Kiro, Strify and Yu in the interview, now there comes Luminor and tells to you what he thus about this and this thinks!

YLM: On the 12th October your debut album has appeared Final Attraction , have you counted on such a resonance of the fans?

Luminor: Now, in petto at least expected, certainly.

YLM: Which is your personal favorite song of the album?

Luminor: Heavensent, Get off and Lovesongs they murder me

YLM: When you have started to play musik, was it to be come there deliberately to the media?

Luminor: If one wants to reach possibly many people with his music and touch, the media are necessary naturally, but one could do the music also in the cellar.

YLM: With some hotel stands by her meanwhile higher in the course like the boys of Tokyo, how does one feel to such a "success"?
Luminor: I do not think about it, actually, I do not compete really If one agrees a little bit carried, one gets this, or not.

YLM: Your styling is more than unusually, how luxuriously is it to be done every day so AND, do you walk around generally ALWAYS thus or can one find you also sometimes completely unstylish?

Luminor: One gets used to it, gets routine . Hence, it also goes faster than one thinks completely unstylish one does not find me absolutely.

YLM: Since her ONLY by the looking of Anime series on your style come or you could be allowed to inspire yourselves, perhaps, also by J rock of tape or other scenes?

Luminor: Neither, I am what I myself am, has created me.

YLM: Beside the whole rouble, do you have there grad still time for other things?

Luminor: However, this time one gets and is also necessary.

YLM: What do you make private if you are not on the move grad for the music or tape?

Luminor: Celebrations, on concerts go or be just at home.

YLM: Your biggest wishes and fears?

Luminor: To keep what has to lose I now and fear what I have.

And here a few questions of a very much engaged fan

YLM: Is it right that you live more in the world on Playstationspielen (Final fantasy) as in the real world?
Luminor: Definitively probably not.

YLM: Want you also to do worldwide career?

Luminor: These are dimensions which one can only fancy when one stands before them.

YLM: Do you also want to actors?

Luminor: If it itself proves with pleasure . I acted earlier a lot, and the world is a stage and this live nen theatrical piece, sometimes a very good and then sometimes a very rotten one.

YLM: Most sluggishly you contact lenses?

Luminor: No, neither colored nor normal ones.

YLM: What are you secretive?

Luminor: a lot
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Luminor interview
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