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 Kiro interview

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PostSubject: Kiro interview   Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:59 pm

Here is another interview that I found on
Again, sorry for the bad quality, but I use a translatorprogram.

Now to Yu and Strify Kiro is to be answered in the row to you some questions! What he would do for 1 million euros or which is his favorite soft animal, you find out this here!

YLM: On the 12th October your debut album " has appeared Final Attraction ", have you counted on such a resonance of the fans?

Kiro: We are glad mega that our fans like the album so well! I am also glad every time if to me somebody writes like successfully the album is, this pleases me very much;)

YLM: Which is your personal favorite song of the album?

Kiro: My personal favorite song on our album is‚ Forever or of never', I loves to play it the song!

YLM: When you have started to play musik, was it to be come there deliberately to the media?

Kiro: Of course not, I have not calculated personally on the fact that it comes sometimes so far! Now I am very proud and glad like everything has come!

YLM: With some hotel stands by her meanwhile higher in the course than the boys of Tokyo, how does one feel to such a "success"?

Kiro: Of course this is a big honour for us, but we look at Tokyo hotel also not as a competition or the other, we are two absolutely different tapes and also do not compare ourselves with them.

YLM: Your styling is more than unusually, how luxuriously is it to be done every day so AND, do you walk around generally ALWAYS thus or can one find you also sometimes completely unstylish?

Kiro: Thus, it is to be met very much hard to us unstylish! Privately we also do not walk around more extravagant, but also in our stage outfits;)

YLM: Since her ONLY by the looking of Anime series on your style come or you could be allowed to inspire yourselves, perhaps, also by J rock of tape or other scenes?

Kiro: We could be thereby inspired rather by J rock of tape, I for my part have looked earlier a lot of Anime series what has influenced me in the final effect, however, are J rock of tape!

YLM: Beside the whole bustle, do you have there grad still time for other things?

Kiro: Yes, they we have, even if sometimes rather less!

YLM: What do you make private if you are not on the move grad for the music or tape?

Kiro: I sleep very much very much with pleasure from lol. Otherwise leave I with pleasure with friends, geniese my spare time and also looks with pleasure good films;)

YLM: What may we expect in the next time from you? Albums, tours, television appearances, autograph hours … …

Kiro: For the next year we have planned some surprises;) anyway we will begin a tour on we to us already mega are glad!

YLM: Your biggest wishes and fears?

Kiro: I do not think about it a lot, what wait for the future brings!

And here a few questions of a very much engaged fan

YLM: Is it right that you live more in the world on Playstationspielen (Final fantasy) as in the real world?

Kiro: If I did not become so say, we play everything with pleasure plays, but we live of course in the real world!

YLM: Who needs longest under the shower?

Kiro: I need, I think, longest, I let myself with pleasure time;)

YLM: Can you sing?

Kiro: Well, if I want, this already goes;) otherwise I sing with pleasure if I have drunk what!

YLM: Would you shave off for 1 Mil. euros the hair?

Kiro: Yes, I would become, hair grows again;)

YLM: What is of your darling Kuscheltier?

Kiro: I have since me small am a big plush lion, I have that at that time from my brother has agreed!
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PostSubject: Re: Kiro interview   Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:48 pm

A plush lion?
Aww, cuute Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Kiro interview   Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:42 pm

TheBizarre wrote:
A plush lion?
Aww, cuute Razz

I agree with you!! lol! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Kiro interview   Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:34 pm

sandra wrote:
TheBizarre wrote:
A plush lion?
Aww, cuute Razz

I agree with you!! lol! cheers

Me three
He and his bed lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Kiro interview   

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Kiro interview
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