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 Cinema Bizarre interview

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PostSubject: Cinema Bizarre interview   Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:35 pm

Here is a interview with Cinema Bizarre that I found on
Sorry for the bad quality, but I used a translator program.

They count to the German newcomers this year and only already strike by her outfits, however, for it they love her fans. I have put weird once a few questions to Cinema....

YLM: How and when originated then‚ Cinema Bizarre?

Strify: In the short form one can say that it was in 2005 on the AnimagiC and on the Internet by a Visual Kei forum about we have got to know us and have found.

YLM. How did it come then to your tape name?

Strify: The word‚ weird ’ should express that we experiment and have an unusual style And‚ Cinema' for big cinema which we want to offer.

Luminor: Indeed, the name still has another meaning, because in the 70s there was a genre which was called in such a way and itself from the mainstream road-moved.

YLM: How did you come then to your flat contract?

Strify: This was a really pure luck. We have got to know our current manager and then he has introduced us to the record company and then they were inspired by us and then thereby we have got the flat contract.

YLM: Now there outdoors in the hall thousands of people wait for you, how does it look with the nervousness?

Luminor: It still comes completely shortly before!

Strify: I am nervous always a little bit, but, actually, it is always the long waiting to one touches that makes really nervous.

Kiro: With me the nervousness also comes shortly before.

Luminor: The cathedrals was up to now our biggest gig, but today this might be big in possibly just.

YLM: How much time do you invest then thus in your music?

Strify: Thus if we are not in the test space, we already lack what.

Luminor: Also on the week-end!

YLM: How do your songs originate then with you?

Strify: This is really different! I do to me notes on subjects …

Kiro: One an idea has and discusses it then with the other.

Luminor: It also depends on the text, sometimes it can really last one week and sometimes 2 years to a song is ready.

YLM: Your first video looks up very extravagantly, was it real this?

Strify: Yes, there were many dolls which were lying round, actually, most time there and our director gave them even name. But, actually, only the scene was complicated in me the dolls attack because these were thus puppets and the eyes had to be worked on later just digitally, but the tear was really real.

YLM: You have published your first album, do you have on it in each case a favorite song?

Shin: Yes, „ hinge in Disguise “.

Strify: I like "Escape to the stars".

Kiro: This becomes, by the way, also the new single which is published on the 07th December. My favorite song on the album is "Forever Or Never".

Yu: "Dysfunctional Family"

Luminor: I have immediately two, once "Heavensent" and once "Get off".

YLM: How were the studio admissions then to your very first album?

Luminor: We are a lot rumgereist, were in Sweden, Denmark and England, hence, the album is also so many-faceted.

Strify: For reason I have also broken off the school, the others were already ready everything with it.

YLM: According to which criteria have you decided then which songs on the album land and which it from you never to hear will give?

Luminor: Thus it will generally give to hear no songs from us which do not represent us.

Strify: This is, actually, a pure feeling thing! If with the song nothing comes across, he is not good, one must already feel the songs.

YLM: How arriv to thatame that „ Lovesongs (they do in me) “ your first single became?

Strify: Thus this stood except question. „ Lovesongs (they murder me) “ lies to us to all totally with the heart and it is just a real earwig, this had to be simply the first single.

YLM: What lies to you presumably more: Ballads or Up tempo numbers?

Strify: Both, but I know that vocally, actually, rather ballads fit to me.

Kiro: Thus I go off with pleasure on the stage!

YLM: Which big dream would like you to come true as a tape together?

Shin: A world tour would be really great.

Luminor: A number 1 hit, top 10 was already mega, but thus a number 1 hit is level once again something quite special.

Strify: This gives then presumably over again a right push

YLM: What would like you to reach then with your music and express?

Strify: We would like to show with the fact that the people should do this what they hold for right. If one is different, one is in a constant fight and must justify himself and we want to show simply that it goes that one can go his way.

Yu: One should remain loyal to himself simply himself!

YLM: What are then after your album and the new single the next purposes?

Strify: Own tour which will presumably come in the spring of the next year.

YLM: What does your shows real must go?

Kiro: We offer big cinema!

Luminor: Cinema weird is absolutely unique!

YLM: In whose skin would you slip with pleasure once for 24h?

Shin: In the Strifys, I never stood since in appearances in front.

Strify: I would be with pleasure Kiro, then would know I like it is if one is so small. Ne, I would be with pleasure sometimes Shin!

Luminor: Thus I am occupied enough with myself.

YLM: About what do you get excited quite often and strongly?

Kiro: There are a lot of critics who can irritate partly really.

Strify: There are people who Want to turn on really what, must put one in drawers and develop whole drafts about itself.

YLM: If one hears the name „ Cinema of weird “ in 10 years of what should one think?

Shin: To us!

Strify: To our music!
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre interview   Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:27 pm

Lol x] Cinema Bizarre was translated into Cinema Weird xD

Thanks for the interview btw ^^,

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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre interview   Sat Dec 22, 2007 1:09 pm

Crowzy wrote:
Lol x] Cineama Bizarre was translated Cinema Weird xD

Thanks for the interview btw ^^,
NP Wink
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Julia Φ


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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre interview   Wed Dec 26, 2007 12:00 am

Lol! Cinema Wierd! Laughing Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Cinema Bizarre interview   

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Cinema Bizarre interview
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