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 Poems, drawings and stuff

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PostSubject: Re: Poems, drawings and stuff   Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:25 pm

radeonx wrote:
Just some anime-type things that I draw when I'm bored and don't want to do homework... XD

Cinema Bizarre

Bill & Tom Kaulitz

Awwmagaad..! They'r super adorable..<3
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PostSubject: Re: Poems, drawings and stuff   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:43 am

Julia wrote:
Yeah! So i thought we could post some of the things we have made!
I have some poems:

My heart is emty
Filled with anger
Anger that won't come out
Screaming in frustration
And lay my face in my hand
Let me cry my bitre tears

Words you say means so little,
But at the same time so much
Why do I bother?
What have I done wrong
To let all the pain into me?
I'm wandering in neverending darkness

If I'm not ment to be anything
Why do I have to live?
Feel emty, without no reason?
Feeling pulled into dark rain
Dark as the longing

I let it whip me
Torture me for long
Without any reason
I won't stand up again
Not one more time
I won't bare it anymore

Trying to be strong
With no resault
I'll let them take me
I don't care if I fall low
I have always been dead, anyway.

My Angel

So beautiful, I would like to cry
But i know they won't let me
To see them to the happines fly
Just the place I want to be

Feeling the joy come over you
Do you know how it feels?
They lift me up when the world is through
Better than all the deals

Smiles like the sun
A special glow
They make it fun
When I am low

The wierd thing is
That this is you
Without you i wouldn't live like this
You gave me the happines when you flew

He'll Take You To

Blood on his mouth,
You can feel his anger
So cold
A human can't understand

He'll Take You To..

One step is all he need to take you
Don't be scared
You will die to in the end
Cause you can't escape

He'll Take You To..

He will run trough ice, trough fire
To take you
Only you
Take your last breath in real air

He has Taken You..

Something is suddenly changing
His eyes turn warm
His anger is over
Only regret left

Why do he have to live like this?

I love you

One step closer to you
Let me take it
This is very new
It's my heart you hit

Don't let me suffer
Be all alone in the cold
Let me be tougher
When I don't have your hand to hold

You can't hear me cry
Can't here my high screams
If i had wings, I would fly
To you in my lonely dreams

I will always love you
Even when I think it's over
I will always think it trough
But I am, and will alway be lower

We'll be fine without you

I wish I had wings
So I could fly away from these awful things
The first second you're here
The next you just dissapear
What a feeling to be the centre of the universe
Doesn't it feel good, to freese us out, girls?

Someday you'll regret all the thing's that you do
Just know, That day we'll be fine without you!

If the only thing you can express yourself trough is makeup
It's not a bomb that this is you're ninteenth break up
Isn't it wonderfull to have the "perfect" friends
Together you can watch the latest fashion trends

Someday you'll regret all the things that you do
Just know, that day well be fine without you!

Well, some? ALOT! x'DDo u have something ? ^^

Very beautyful.I also write a poem, but I fear.
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Poems, drawings and stuff
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